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Wylie Show and Sale

2020 Wylie Show and Sale Ambassadors 

Wylie East Sr:

Wylie High Sr:

Wylie East Jr:

Wylie High Jr:


The Mission of the Wylie Show and Sale is to offer students an opportunity to learn the value of hard work, to make a contribution, to leave a legacy.  Students who participate in the Wylie Show and Sale have the ability to, not only learn a great deal, but to also be rewarded in a big way for their efforts. 
This thing is LEGENDARY!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/116751582326736


19 20 WSS Points System Jennifer Jackson 9/3/2019 489 KB
Ambassador Program Application Jennifer Jackson 9/3/2019 768 KB
2020 Wylie Show and Sale Broiler Order Form Jennifer Jackson 11/6/2019 518 KB
2020 Wylie Show and Sale Schedule Jennifer Jackson 12/18/2019 190 KB
2020 WSS Buyer Packet (Add On) Jennifer Jackson 1/16/2020 452 KB
2020 Wylie Show and Sale Rules Jennifer Jackson 1/21/2020 766 KB
Wylie Show and Sale Entry Taylor McAlister 10/29/2020 96 KB



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